About Solicamb

Here at SoliCamb we pride ourselves in providing an innovative and inter-disciplinary approach to tackling one of today’s pressing sustainability issues: soil conservation. Monitoring soil health is essential for maintaining crop yield, livestock and local communities. On a larger scale, it is essential for global food production and limiting climate change. Our mission is to implement low cost soil sensing platforms and to increase accessibility to soil health data while engaging the public with this critical societal issue!

The Team

We are a group of 15 MRes students in the department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, at the University of Cambridge. We possess multi-disciplinary expertise, with scientists trained in a wide range of backgrounds including physics, engineering, biology, chemistry and computer science. We are passionate about providing innovative and open-source technology to increase the global science data pool and enable greater public engagement in the world’s most pressing scientific matters!

Conservation NGOs

In developing countries, overgrazing and introduction of non-native plant species often leads to land erosion and the loss of sustainability.  In partnership with the Umzimvubu Catchment Partnership Programme (UCCP), a non-profit organisation, we aim to empower South African communities with the tools, skills and data to improve agricultural land management.

Centre for Global Equality

The Centre for Global Equality (CGE) evolves innovative solutions to global challenges. Our aim is to solve problems that undermine the wellbeing of the poorer half of the world’s population. Focusing on people who live on less than $3 a day, we facilitate collaboration between business, academia and civil society, drawing particularly on capacity in one of the world’s leading universities and companies in the Cambridge Cluster – the most successful entrepreneurial ecosystem in Europe.

Sensor CDT

Our team are proud members of the Center for Doctoral Training in Sensor Technologies for a healthy and sustainable future, which is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). This programme aims to produce future champions of sensor design through a rigorous cross-disciplinary training programme within the world leading infrastructure at the University of Cambridge.